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Sunday, February 9th - 08:30am
Lamoura - Mouthe

Free Technique

FIS Marathon Cup
Worldloppet Gold Master

La Transjurassienne is the main event of the "Transju' week". All ski lovers, professional and recreational competitors, gather with one common goal : give the best of oneself.

This year, La Transjurassienne 76 km FT will be once again part of the FIS Marathon Cup calendar. 

In 2013, Benoît Chauvet gets his second victory on the main race but on the original track between Lamoura and Mouthe this time...

Start at 08:30am in Lamoura, Combe du Lac.
First arrivals at 11:30am in Mouthe.
Last arrival in Mouthe at 6:30pm.

The UltraTrans, invincible skiers' challenge!!
50km classic + 76km skate = 126km in 2 days and in 2 techniques !

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Bib pick-up

Friday, February 7th from 9:00am to 7:00pm in Morez, Espace Lamartine.
Saturday, February 8th from 9:00am to 7:00pm in Morez, Espace Lamartine.


 The profile



The course

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The key points

The Sprints in Les Rousses, Bois d'Amont and Chapelle des Bois where the first man crossing the line is rewarded.

The climb to La Frasse (Forêt du Massacre): Right after the race start, it's not so easy to get into a steady rythm...

The Optician's Climb : In the heart of the village of Les Rousses, a real Tour de France atmosphere !

Bois d'Amont Food stand: a much needed moment of warmth and encouragement before the dreaded ascent to the Risoux Forest...

The ascent to the Risoux : an endless effort. Some say that when you finally reach the Chalet des Ministres, the worst is behind you!

The slope to Bellefontaine, on the other side of the Risoux : the fast downhill skiers and those who picked the right wax can really make a difference here...

The Chapelle des Bois food station : a pure moment of popular bliss !

The Célestine climb, in Pré Poncet : one last uphill slope before Chaux Neuve...

Reaching the finish line in Mouthe:  a long slope gently rolling down to Chaux Neuve. And supporters cheering for a last sprint! 


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