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 Rendezvous on February 7th & 8th 2015 !

La Transjurassienne 2015

  • Press release #1 : La Transjurassienne 2015, February 7th & 8th
    June, 20th

La Transjurassienne different look, same charm !!

Race registrations will kick-off on July first and with all the announced changes… the Transju hard-cores can rest assured, Lamoura / Mouthe lives on!

Although after almost forty years of existence we are entitle to a little ‘lift’, the longest cross-country event in France will not alter its main feature !! The number of participants is constantly evolving and our goal is to respond to our racers needs, new tendencies in
cross-country skiing and to make our event accessible and welcoming to all participants.

The new version of La Transjurassienne will continue to offer 5 events and 2 techniques including the one of our biggest changes in 2015: The FIS Marathon Cup will be
disputed in La Transju’Classic on Saturday!

Read the entire press release and discover the new program

La Transjurassienne 2014

  • 2014 Transju results : Sunday, free technique

For the 2nd time in a row, La Transju is blue/white/red
WIBAULT & DABUDYK add their names to the 36th Transjurassienne’s list of results


A modified track, yet still the same pleasure!

On Saturday evening, Trans’Organisation decided to reduce the Sunday skating events tracks and suppress the excursion into Switzerland. Therefore, La Transjurassienne 2014 went down from 76km to 70km for the Lamoura  / Mouthe track, the 57 km FT down to 51 km and the 25 km FT down to 20 km!

At 8H30 in la Combe du Lac in Lamoura, the wind blowing in the back of the skiers helped them achieve excellent results! On the start line, expectations were high for a trio with Benoit CHAUVET (2011-2013), very confident after the withdrawal of the current FIS Marathon Cup leader, Petr NOVAK! The well-represented Squadra Azzura was willing to fight fiercely! 3323 racers out of 3567 registered skiers took their start on Sunday, representing 30 nationalities, ready to celebrate the Jura Mountains tracks. On the Men’s side, the French Mathias WIBAULT wins for the 1st time in 2h53mn43s. Benoit CHAUVET (FR) and Toni LIVERS (SWI) complete the podium. On the Women’s side, the French Aurélie DABUDYK finishes in 2h10mn22s followed by Olga ROTCHEVA (RUS) and Célia BOURGEOIS (FR).

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  • 2014 Transju results : Saturday, classic technique

The Czech Republic establishes itself as the leader on this 1st Transjurassienne day

Despite irregular snowfalls and a cloudy sky, 1244 motivated skiers from all over the world took their start in the 50km and 20km events in classic technique. Thanks to the passionate volunteers and organizers who desperately worked to ensure the best possible conditions, this 36th edition was a real success. On Friday evening, because of the recent heavy rain falls, they were striving to prepare a 25km CT track, which they had to reduce to 20km. Same story for the 50km CT that became a 52km CT at the last minute, because of flooding in Chapelle des Bois.

The temperatures were unusually mild at this time of the year, 3°C at 10 am in the start area of Les Rousses. Mouthe was not up to its reputation of being the “Little French Siberia”, with 4°C and a thin layer of snow.

On the results side: the Czech Republic confirms its supremacy with a very fit REZAC who brilliantly renewed his exploits of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. His compatriot Karolina BICOVA takes revenge on the 2012 edition with a well-deserved 1st place. These victories definitely give an international scale to La Transjurassienne in classic technique.

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  • Last minute info - February, 5th :

It is now official,Trans’Organisation just announced the track decided : back-up track n°1 i-e Lamoura - Mouthe with a different finish by the Risol.

This track implies no change either for the start places nor the finish site.

In case of massive snow fall in the coming days, the traditional track will of course be priviledged.

Here is the back-up track n°1

D-5 The 36th edition of la Transjurassienne on its nominal track


“At this date La Transjurassienne will take place on its nominal track… we are very optimistic but remain vigilant” said Hervé Balland today at his first official Transjurassienne press conference! Yet because of the thin layer of snow in some valleys and the expected rainfalls by the end of the week combined with contradictory weather forecasts, our track preparation team is working really hard and we are still considering the two backup options:

-         The backup track n°1: Lamoura-Mouthe with a finish section through the Risol

-         The backup track n°2: Bois d’Amont-Mouthe with a total distance between 52 and 56km.

The final decision will be made on Wednesday after checking the track and meeting with the track managers and the organizers.

4818 registrations: anonymous skiers and champions ready to vibrate with la Transju!

The early snowfalls on the Jura Mountains have motivated all the skiers, recreational as well as elites to register in the most important cross country skiing event in France. Trans’Organisation announced a general increase of +11% registrations compared to the 2013 edition, which represents about 500 more skiers. The 25km CT breaks the record with 38% more racers compared to last year.

With an increase of 18% women, La Transjurasienne is also a women’s story…62 women will join Marie-Pierre GUILBAUD in the solidarity movement for the association “Skier pour Elles”, with a slogan: “Physical activity in the fight against cancer”. 


This year again, no less than 28 nationalities have registered: Japan, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the USA … quite an international event!

Read the entire Press Release : click here

D-15 Focus on the registered favorites! - January 27th

15 days from the great Transjurassienne week-end, Trans’Organisation maintains his #1 option on the original track between Lamoura and Mouthe. With a wind now blowing from the North-West, the snow layer of the Jura Mountains is getting deeper and is being strengthened by the drop of temperatures now reaching a normal seasonal level… Let’s cross our fingers! On the registration side, the number of entries (4350) already exceeds last year’s figure! And it is still possible to register on the internet until February 1st! Even though most of the great champions will be in Sotchi, La Transjurassienne can still present a few top-of-the-list athletes!

The favorites…
In the Transjurassienne 76km FT event, the winner of the 2011 and 2013 editions Benoît CHAUVET will put his title at stake! After a victory in the Bessans Marathon on January 8, the skier from Savoie is ready for a 3rd victory! His brother Pierre, 2nd in 2011 in the 50km CT, will also participate, along with Christophe PERRILLAT (1st in 2010)! The Squadra Azzura will also take part in the game, with the formidable SANTUS (2nd in 2011 and 3rd in 2010), BONALDI (4th in 2013 and 2nd in 2012), PAREDI (7th in 2012) and KOSTNER (4th in 2012)! They will have to face the determination of a whole team of Russians: Ilya MASHKOV (5th in 2013 in the Eastern Europe Cup 50km event), Sergey SHIRIAEV and Vadim NESTEROV. The Czech Petr NOVAK (current leader of the FIS Marathon Cup) is also coming with high expectations!
In the 50km CT, the regulars will show up again: Amaury BOSCHAT from Chamonix (5th in 2011 – 14th in 2012), Sébastien ISENMANN (8th in 2012 – 14th in 2013) who is also registered in the 76km FT race of the UltraTrans and the Czech Karolina BICOVA (2nd in 2012).
And we expect a few more elites to register at the last minute!
On the Women’s side, in la Transjurassienne 57km FT: Célia BOURGEOIS (the winner of the 57km FT in 2013) and Antonella CONFORTOLLA (5th in 2013).

Read the entire Press Release : click here

2014 A year of novelties ! - December 19th

Read the entire Press Release : click here

D-80 More than 2800 skiers registered and ready for the Transju! - November

Read the entire Press Release : click here

2014 Transjurassienne presentation

Read the entire Press Release : click here

La Transjurassienne 2013

Free technique results – February 10, 2013
35th Transjurassienne : A historical double… A 100% French Men/Women victory, despite the international elite!


Read the entire Press Release : click here

Saturday, February 9: Results
Pierre GUEDON from Savoie wins after a sprint, Gaëtane PERRET from Jura takes her “solo” revenge!

Read the entire Press Release : click here

The backup track N°1 Lamoura/Mouthe through the Risol has been validated for the 35th edition of la Transjurassienne
February 4, 2013

“In order to secure the race, owing to the heavy rains that fell these last few days, La Transjurassienne will be raced on the backup track N°1 Lamoura-Mouthe through le Risol !” said Jean-Claude Dalloz, the president of Trans’Organisation, during today’s press
conference at the Conseil régional de Franche-Comté. Yet, if ever the current snow falls
would bring down sufficient snow, then the nominal track would be given priority.

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With a mix of fresh snow, over 3,700 registered skiers and the participation of champions: La Transjurassienne 2013 promises excellence!
January 25, 2013

Once again this year, 23 nationalities are registered so far in the various races and over 3,700 recreational skiers and champions are taking up la Transjurassienne challenge. As of today, all the conditions are met for the historical track finishing in Mouthe.

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Transjurassienne 2013: The famous rally that gathers champions as well as recreational skiers
Jan. 15, 2013

A month from La Transjurassienne, volunteers and organizers are doing their best to make this 35th edition a great success. The last snowfalls are just a foretaste of the wonderful sceneries of the Montagnes du Jura that the 3,250 registered participants will be enjoying along the track.

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Green light for La Transjurassienne 2013!
December 3th, 2012

Good news for the 3,000 French and international skiers registered in la Transju 2013:
Authorization granted for the Transju events on February 9 and 10! In response to the
environmental impact files provided by Trans’Organisation, the National Environmental
authorities issued the expected authorizations for the official track as well as the backup
tracks of La Transjurassienne 2013!

Read the entire Press Release : click here

35th edition/// The great Transjurassienne adventure!
February 9 and 10, 2013

In the heart of the Nordic scenerie of the Doubs and Jura departments, the mythical Transjurassienne and its 1,000 volunteers are once again getting ready to welcome over 6,500 skiers from ages 7 to 97, coming from all over the world!

All of them are ready to hit the snowy tracks of the Jura mountain range, in Franche-Comté. As the unique French event member of the international Worldloppet agenda, La Transju will gather crowds of enthusiasts, recreational skiers, elite athletes, Olympic champions as well as families for an extraordinary adventure.

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