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La Transjurassienne 2014

The 36th Transjurassienne hall of fame :
REZAC confirms his supremacy. BICOVA reaches the first step.
WIBAULT demonstrates. DABUDYK dominates the race.

A modified track for the same pleasure!

This 36th edition was again a succes thanks to the iron will, or what one can call the stubbornness of the organisers and thousands of volunteers who did a huge work to make it possible.

Because of the massive rain falls ealier in the week, everyone was working hard to find a suitable back-up track. The 25km CT track ended up with 20km only whereas the 50km had to be modified to 52km as a part of the track was flooded. 

On Saturday evening, it was decided to shorten the tracks for Sunday's skating races, avoiding the part in Switzerland. Thus La Transjurassienne 2014 was played on a 70km track instead of 76 km from Lamoura (Jura), 51km instead of 57 km FT and 20km instead of 25 km FT with the finish line as usual in Mouthe!

The difficult snow conditions and uncertain weather forecasts did not lessen the motivation of the 1244 skiers from all over the world to take the start of the 50 and 25 km classic races and 3329 on Sunday from lamoura, Les Rousses or Chapelle des Bois.

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