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The invincible skiers' challenge!

La Transju'Classic (56kmCT) + La Transjurassienne (68km FT)
= 124km in 2 days and 2 techniques !


Dedicated to ski addict, the UltraTrans is a challenge that combines 2 ski styles in their longest distance possible:  La Transju'Classic and La Transjurassienne.
It's the only combination possible for men and women alike.
Demanding an exceptional physical condition and a good dose of bravery, the UltraTrans is THE new race... for the "Ultra skiers" !!!
The UltraTrans challenge follow the race rules of each competition including the line assignment
(no dedicated or improved start line).

CONGRATULATIONS to Sergio Bonaldi and Aurélie Dabudyk
who won the 2015 UltraTrans!

They both received a piece of art by Thomas Moulon, wrought-iron craftsman.




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