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Race regulations extract 2016  

Complete race regulations to be read : click here
All participants must provide proof of medical aptitude for cross-country skiing on a competitive level either by a medical certificate of less than a year on the competition date or by a copy of a valid ski licence.



La Transjurassienne is open to all skiers, men or women who are 20 or older the day of the race for La Transju’Classic, La Transju’Marathon and La Transjurassienne; 18 or older for La Trans 25CT and La Trans 25FT.


All racers must provide proof of medical aptitude for participation in Nordic ski races on a competitive level by a medical certificate.


All racers must have a personal individual insurance.


Bib numbers are not transmissible (all changes must be authorized by the organization (6 or 15€).
Bib numbers are equipped with an electronic chip ensuring the timing. Please be careful not to damage it (cost if lost or damaged: 50€).
La Transju’Classic: Friday, February 12, 9am to 7pm, Espace Lamartine, Morez.
La Trans 25CT: Friday February 12, 9am to 7pm (Morez) and Saturday, February 13, 11:30am to 1pm at the start.
La Transjurassienne, La Transju’Marathon and La Trans 25FT: Friday, February12 and Saturday, February 13, 9am to 7 pm, in Morez.


Clothing bags provided with the bib will be transported by special trucks to the finish area. Race officials are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Wax, pole, ski and bindings replacement stands are situated after each food station. All lent equipment must be returned to the technical assistance stand at the finish area.


Each racer has to pass the control points before the limits listed below or they will be disqualified.
La Transju’Classic: 11:45 am Bois d’Amont ; 1:30 pm Bellefontaine ; 4:15 pm ; Chaux-Neuve.
La Trans 25CT: 4:15 pm Chaux-Neuve.
La Transjurassienne and La Transju’Marathon: 1 pm Bois d’Amont; 3:30 pm Chapelle des Bois; 5 :15 pm Chaux-Neuve.
La Trans 25FT: 5 :15 pm Chaux Neuve.


La Transju’Classic, La Transjurassienne and La Transju’Marathon = 38€ ; La Trans 25CT and La Trans 25FT = 20€ ; UltraTrans = 57€
IN CASE OF ACCIDENT OR ILLNESS, same refunds but a medical certificate dated and sent, no later than Saturday, 6st February 2016 must be provided.


The UltraTrans challenge associates the two main races in each technique: Transju’Classic on Saturday and Transjurassienne on Sunday. It is the only race combination possible in the UltraTrans, for men and women alike. The addition of the two race times will give you your UltraTrans ranking. The first 3 men and first 3 women will be awarded.


The organising committee reserves the right to award the number of racers and the categories of their choice depending on participation.
If any of the 3 first racers are not present for the flower ceremony at the finish line, they will not receive their prize money during the official awards ceremony. All racers must be present at the official awards ceremony to receive their prize.


The organising committee reserves the right to modify the race courses as well as all points of the race regulations depending on the race conditions.


Through his/her registration, participants allow the organising committee, its partners and the Media to use images in which he/she appears.


 Complete race regulations to be read : click here