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La Transju'Classic

56km Classic Technique
Saturday 13th February 2016 : Les Rousses - Mouthe
Start 9.00am - College du Rochat, Les Rousses


Multi-cultural race of the Transjurassienne week-end, La Transju'Classic gathers each year more and more participants from all over the world.
La Transju'Classic offers a 56km track between Les Rousses and Mouthe with a 8km detour in neighbouring Switzerland.
International atmosphere and change of scene guaranteed!

La Transju'Classic is a Worldloppet Gold Master's race.











- The sprints in Bois d'Amont, Bellefontaine and Chapelle des Bois awarding the first man and woman.
- The food station in Bois d'Amont : a warm welcome right before the  Risoux climb...
- The Risoux climb : a long and demanding ascension to the Chalet des Ministres at the top, culminating over the track at 1237m. Some say that the worst is done afterward : once Les Ministres is passed, Mouthe is within reach... Attention, it is an environmental sensible area where public access is restricted !
- The descent to Bellefontaine, on the other side of the Risoux : the skiers fond of slopes and those who have found the right waxing can make a real difference...
- The food station in Chapelle des Bois : a true jubilant crowd just for you!
- The Célestine climb, in Pré Poncet : the last steep climb that can prove devastating before the descent over Chaux Neuve...
- The finish in Mouthe : a long slow descent from Chaux Neuve with the cheers from the crowd encouraging the bold skiers in their last efforts!

CAREFUL if the track is impraticable, an other track will be used. To see it, click on the image 

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