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LÄUFE > La Trans 25CT


La Trans 25CT

25km Classic Technique
Saturday 13th February 2016 : Chapelle des Bois - Mouthe
Start 1.00 pm - Chapelle des Bois

Younger sister of La Transju'Classic, La Trans 25CT gives the opportunity to classic skiing enthusiasts to have a taste of the Transjurassienne atmosphere on a shorter distance more accessible.
La Trans 25CT offers a 25km track in the heart of the Doubs department between Chapelle des Bois and Mouthe.
Transjurassienne atmosphere guaranteed !
La Trans 25CT is a Worldloppet Silver Master's race




Elevation map







Track & Key points

- La Combe des Cives : white paradise of the Haut-Doubs linking Chapelle des Bois to Pré Poncet, the spectators can have a good  look at their champions for a while...
- The Célestine climb, in Pré Poncet : the last steep climb that can prove devastating before the descent over Chaux Neuve...
- The finish in Mouthe : a long slow descent from Chaux Neuve with the cheers from the crowd encouraging the bold skiers in their last efforts!


CAREFUL if the track is impraticable, an other track will be used. To see it, click on the image.