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How to register to La Transjurassienne 2016

Take a look at the 2016 entry fees

Several registration options :

Online entry  (no extra cost)

No extra cost for the online entry. The system enables you to find the information you previously entered if you've already participated.
New system : use your login to connect on your account!
You will be able to register,
modify your contact, upload your medical certificate and register your friends !

The online entry system is without extra cost and allow you to have your history on your racer account :
- If you provided us with an email, you received your login on Friday, July 4th 2014 , KEEP them for all Trans'Organisation events.
- If you didn't provide us your email or if it was incorrect, you are invited to create your racer account.

Access the online entry system here


Attention : Participants who are entitled to a special entry fees (UltraTrans, multiple entries, groups...) cannot get this advantage through the online entry system. To get these special prices, please use the paper forms below.


Download the entry form :

Smart tool : why not use Paint or another software to fill in the entry form on your computer before sending it by e-mail, with the necessary documents enclosed !

Ask for a registration booklet:
Send us an e-mail indicating your name and postal address and we will send you the Transjurassienne registration booklet : info@transjurassienne.com


Mandatory documents :
According to French laws and federal rules every participants must provide :

  • a copy of a skiing licence valid for the 2015/2016 season, delivered by the French Federation of Ski (FFS) or by a national sport federation recognized by the French Federation of Ski or a valid FIS code (International Federation). No other discipline or federation is accepted. If you don't have any, then you must pay the entry fees including the daily licence which is mandatory for participation.
  • A medical certificate stating the aptitude to take part in a cross-country skiing competition, dated of less than a year from the competition date. As requested by French laws, your name, first name, date of birth, date of the medical examination and the doctor's identity must be clearly visible : Medical certificate form

These documents must be provided as soon as possible by e-mail to info@transjurassienne.com , by fax to +33(0) or by postal mail to Trans'Organisation, Espace Lamartine - BP 20126, 39404 Morez Cedex, FRANCE


Registrations deadlines :
  • By post, January 31th, 2015
  • Online, February 07st, 2016


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